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June 05 2013

❀ 素敵 ❀

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h-hello? soupies?? (echos in the distance) (crickets chirp) (tumbleweed rolls by)
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June 01 2013

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I want to make many people happy with my abilities

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“when crafting their social media identities, teenagers are more sophisticated — and safer — than adults might think”
fucking finally someone is realizing this

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May 29 2013

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a chiaki to match the aoi (●´∀`●)

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*rides heelys for 100 feet without stopping* anime is real

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what would lemongrab do
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1997 VS 2013
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May 28 2013

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h ello soup i drew u this nanami
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*drinks vodka from a sippy cup*

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May 27 2013




by くろのくろ

I love watching artists’ progress

HOLY SHIT that's a painting not a photo D:
(via phantasmalreality)

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Naegiri for Katie because shes a bum 

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what do you have to hide sisyphus

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